Stump Grinding

Tree stump being removed by stump grinding machine

Stump grinding is the most popular stump service we offer. We employ specialized equipment to cut and chip away the stump above and just below the turf surface, shredding the wooden stump into medium sized chips leaving the root system below ground to decompose naturally over time.

The stump grinding method leaves behind a combination of wood chips and soil used to fill in the hole for whatever the property owner decides to do with the space previously occupied by the stump. Left over wood chips can be used for mulch or other projects on the property. The amount of wood chips produced depends on the size of the stump being ground down, but some of the larger stumps can produce a sizeable amount of wood chips.

The process of stump grinding is considerably less invasive than the stump removal process. Our heavy duty stump grinding machines come in large and smaller sizes. The smaller size is ideal for fitting into the smallest of spaces where an excavator for full stump extraction could not fit.

We’ve maneuvered our stump grinding machines through some pretty tight spaces as well as around landscaping, flower beds, driveways and swimming pools. We’ve even navigated them through buildings to interior courtyards. If there is a pesky stump, we can get to it and remove it safely with minimal or no damage to the area or what may along its path.

Whether we leverage one of our large stump grinders for big hardwood stumps or our small portable grinder that fits into tight locations for the smaller nuisance stumps that can pose spatial issues, we take care of the job with minimal invasion. In most cases, our motorized machinery can navigate through most gates (chain link or privacy) so no fence removal is necessary. If you’re replacing a tree, we can grind to a maximal depth of 30” to allow for new root systems to develop with less impediment.

Once the stump is gone you’re left with a clean slate to use for just about anything – a flat lush lawn, landscaping or a portable building. The choice is up to you and we’d be happy to help you reclaim that ground. Give us a call at (501) 425-6693 or use the form below to request a free estimate.

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For next day or same day service, we serve these counties:
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We can also work outside of our service area for larger jobs.

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